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Legislative Lobbying Services:

  • Review and assess past legislative successes and setbacks.
  • Establish guidelines to ensure accomplishments of legislative agenda.
  • Set client legislative agenda for legislative session.
  • Propose recommendations on drafted language.
  • Monitor all proposed legislation.
  • Coordinate the introduction of legislation by members of the House and/or Senate.
  • Attempt to obtain “raised status” of proposed legislation.
  • Track bills and inform client of public hearing dates and committee deadlines.
  • Coordinate and assist in the preparation of client testimony for public hearings before legislative committees.
  • Send out bills of interest and specify client position.
  • Send thank you letters to legislators who supported client position on issues.
  • Provide direct lobbying.
  • Attempt to obtain passage of legislation through the committee process.
  • Attempt to obtain passage of bills on the House and Senate Floors:
    • Work with leadership from both sides of the political aisle to ensure bipartisan support.
    • Contact key legislators to make floor statements on “behalf of” or “in opposition to” certain legislation.
    • Monitor amendments proposed by other special interest groups.
    • Establish legislative contact between legislators and client constituents.
    • Arrange for clients to meet directly with legislators to discuss position.
  • Attempt to obtain the Governor’s signature once bills have passed the House and Senate.
  • Monitor interim legislative committee action.

Administrative Lobbying Services:

  • Establish one-on-one contact with Commissioners and other State Agency Directors, Officials and Regulators.
  • Monitor regulations proposed and adopted by state agencies.
  • Monitor Regulations Review Committee Action.
  • Monitor and lobby all regulatory action.
  • Coordinate and assist in the preparation of client testimony for public hearings before state regulatory agencies.

Strategic Communications/Client Interaction:

  • Provide periodic updates through e-mails and verbal communications .
  • Forward copies of all pertinent legislation for client review either by facsimile, E-mails, or mail.
  • Create legislative status, in-house bill tracking reports for client listing all bills of interest along with title, statement of purpose and status.
  • Write news column and legislative updates for various client newsletters.
  • Provide daily news updates from clipping service or via the internet.
  • Organize legislative conferences, meetings and events.
  • Speak/Present at conferences and meetings.
  • Serve as a liaison between client and legislators.
  • Establish various Political Action Committees for clients interested in becoming involved in the campaign fund-raising process.
  • Represent client at various political functions.

Grass Roots Activities - Citizen Advocacy

  • Provide grass roots training sessions for general membership
  • Establish key contact list between general membership and legislators
  • Coordinate all grass roots activities with general membership
  • Coordinate and orchestrate Public Relations and Community Relations Campaigns and Fund-Raising Initiatives
  • Organize legislative breakfasts, receptions, and/or “Day at the Capitol” for membership

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